87 RECORDING -"The right microphone for the job" is my credo. This has always been the most critical choice in a recording. If it is captured correctly from the start, the entire process can be focused more on the creative than the technical. If you need a referral for a studio I'll be happy to match you up with an appropriate place for your project. Contact me for rates.
MXR MIXING - Having mixed for years on large-format Neve, SSL and API consoles as well as others, I am equally comfortable mixing "in the box". I started my career on analog tape and have used virtually every format (analog AND digital) since. The natural quality is the most important aspect of a mix and can be achieved through any of these means. Samples of my work are available on the discography page.
MTR MASTERING - The final step in a recording is more than simply compressing it to infinity. When mastering a track, I always consider the musical context first, which is so important because the dynamics of a song are what give it "life" and there are ways to get the levels up high without "squashing" it. Send me a sample and I'll give you an idea of what I can do for your music. FTP is available for transferring files,and I can provide a "dropbox" for you.
MEL VOCAL TUNING - Unlike the extreme robotic Auto-tune effects heard in modern pop music today, these tools can also be used in a subtle way to gently nudge a vocal performance to perfection without being noticeable. I have been called in as a "specialist" many times to "rescue" an otherwise emotionally spot-on vocal take that is not quite in pitch.

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